Generali Romania


We are present in all the major cities of Romania, with aproximately 100 agencies and offices, managing every day to actively protect and improve peoples’ lives. We rank 8th in the market according to the premium volume, while having the highest NPS in Romania. We are among the top 3 most trusted insurance brands in the market and we were, in 2016, the top 10 insurer with the lowest number of complaints in the market.

The awards received over the years for the quality of our services come to strengthen our leading position in the market and our strong commitment to evolve and deliver outstanding results for our clients, employees and shareholders.


Generali has the most balanced portfolio of insurance across the marketplace and that defines a company’s healthy business. Also, Generali is the leading travel insurer and leader of damages to property. It ranks in the top five among Casco insurers and property insurers. The company is recognized for its expertise in insurance, quality services and fast payment of claims.


Generali Asigurari and ARDAF merge, resulting Generali Romania, the company that now is one of the top players in the local market.


This period is recognized as a one of consolidation for the company on the Romanian insurance market through new product development and continuous improvement of services.

In 2007, Generali entered the newly established market of mandatory private pensions in Romania, managing to rank among the top 3 companies, just a year after the launch of Generali Pensions, with a total of 500,000 participants and a market share of 9.4%.

In 2007, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe of the Generali Group entered under the coordination of the new Holding, based in Prague, Generali CEE Holding B.V. The new entity was the result of the join-venture’s conducted by Generali and Czech group PPF Group for operations in Central and Eastern Europe.

2009 marks the entrance of Generali Pension on the voluntary pension market (Pillar III), and the acquisition of the insurer ARDAF by Generali CEE Holding, which thus becomes part of the Generali Group.


After a 45 years break of, in 1993, Generali returns in Romania. Thus, it is established the company Generala Asigurari S.A., with mixed Italian-Romanian capital. Its shareholders were Assicurazioni Generali (51%) and 4 other Romanian companies.

In 1999, Generali Holding Vienna takes the majority stake and the company name becomes GENERALI Asigurari.

Despite the difficult economic environment, in only two years, the company, which sold only general insurance and mainly corporate, had extended its portfolio with life insurance and focused on selling insurances for individuals, launching new products tailored to customers’ needs.


In 1948, due to the geopolitical context, Generali Group was forced to retreat from the Eastern European market and, implicitly, from Romania.

1889 -1935

The company moved its headquarters in Bucharest, and later changed its name to Generala – Romanian Society of General Insurance. The company witnessed a rapid development, so that in 1935, Generala became in the largest insurer in Romania and a shareholder in several insurance companies in the country, such as Dacia Romania, Steaua Romaniei, Prima Ardeleana.


Generali Group’s history in Romania started in 1835 with the oppening of the first branch in the largest Romanian commercial city of the time, Braila, and having as the main object of activity, the insurance of transported goods.

On March 19, 1897, in Braila, with the help of Romanian capital and the participation of Bank Marmorosch Blank & Co., the Romanian Society of General Insurance was founded. It managed right from the start, mainly due to its strong international links, to deliver services comparable to the Western companies, while transport policies issued were recognized by the foreign banks and institutions abroad