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As user (visitor) of your website, please read carefully the Terms and Conditions you can find on the website www.generali.ro. The continued use of the website means you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

The copyright for all the information existing on this site is owned by Generali Romania or its affiliates. No material on this site shall be partially or completely reproduced or modified without the express agreement expressed by Generali Romania or the holder of this right. All rights reserved to Generali Romania. The use of this site for destroying or altering it, its contents or its security or for discrediting or harassing Generali Romania or its affiliates is strictly forbidden. Generali Romania shall carry out all technical and organisational security measures to protect the data over which it has control from any situation of accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access of an authorised person. All trademarks and logos shown on this website are property of Generali Romania and its divisions (jointly called the “Generali Group”) or of those who have this right over them.

The identification data of Generali are as follows:

Generali Romania AsigurareReasigurare S.A.

  • Member company of Generali Group, listed in the Register of Insurance Groups managed by IVASS under No. 26
  • Two-tier company
  • Registered office: Bucharest, Sector 1, Piata Charles de Gaulle nr. 15, etajele 6 si 7, Postal code 011857
  • Telephone: (40) 021.312.36.35
  • Fax (40) 021.312.37.20
  • Call Center: (40) 0.372.010.202
  • www.generali.ro
  • e-mail: info@generali.com
  • Authorised by the Insurance Supervisory Commission, unique code RA-002
  • EN ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Management System
  • Trade Register Certificate: J40/17484/2007, Unique Taxpayer Reference: RO 2886621
  • Share capital: Lei 178,999,221.7
  • Registered at the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing with No. 11755, for the purposes: insurance and reinsurance services and promoting, marketing and advertising
  • LEI account: 213800J9BYTZ1Z4YK783

Generali has the right to unilaterally modify the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, in accordance with the legal provisions. The changes come into effect the day the text of the Terms and Conditions, with the numerical marking of the version are posted on the webpage. By using the webpage after making these changes, you acknowledge that you have become aware of them, you understand their meaning and have expressed your acceptance regarding their effectiveness to you.

In case of discrepancies between the Terms and Conditions and the general insurance conditions, the general insurance conditions supersede the Terms and Conditions, in compliance with the legal provisions applicable to the conclusion and execution of the distance contracts regarding the financial services.

The information on this website is provided in good faith, and Generali Romania considers it to be correct. However, the data, opinions and headings (the calendar of the meetings, the calendar of the Management Board, press releases, presentations, etc.) on the website owned by Generali Romania are provided for informational purposes only about the activities of the General Group, and Generali Romania does not guarantee their constant updating.
The use of data and information as a support for choosing the personal investment operations is the user’s sole responsibility.

The information presented on this website is created by international sources of Generali Romania. Generali Romania is authorised to modify the contents and functional and operational modalities of the website, at any time and as it deems appropriate, without any notice. Generali Romania will ensure that the information presented on the website meets, as far as possible, the requirements regarding reliability, correctness, accuracy and timeliness. Generali Romania is exempt from any liability in the event of any errors or inaccuracies in the content of this information due to causes that cannot be attributed to it.

None of the information presented on the website constitutes investment advice, recommendation or request from Generali Romania for the purchase or sale of financial instruments.

The information and services provided by the Generali Romania website shall not be used, downloaded or uploaded to other states or by foreign citizens if the law applicable in these states or to these citizens contains provisions contrary to their use or dissemination and communication, or in countries where Generali Romania is not authorised to provide these information and services.

Generali Romania shall not liable for damages arising of any interruptions, suspensions, delays or anomalies encountered in the distribution of the service, dependent on the supply of electricity or telephone service or the malfunction of the Internet network or any other cause that does not depend on it.


Generali provides insurance services using the webpage www.generali.ro. The insurance conditions, which constitute an integral part of the insurance contract, contain a detailed description of the insurance object, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties to the insurance contract. The insurance conditions for each type of insurance contract that can be concluded electronically can be found on the webpage www.generali.ro at Travels & Products section, a section accessible only to logged in users.

The webpage www.generali.ro shall only be used by users over 18 years of age who have the capacity to exercise their rights and to assume their obligations, personally committing to legal acts.

The use of the webpage is possible if the Java script and Cookies folders are enabled in the Internet browser of the User.

The webpage is protected with the help of encrypted connection using the https protocol. The transfer of personal data, as well as the authentication and authorisation processes, if used, take place using the 2048-bit TLS / SSL security protocol. The user access to the accounts created is protected by username and password. Generali makes every effort to ensure the security of the data sent by using the above mentioned security protocol. However, the security of the data transferred by means of remote processing cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, GENERALI, although it has implemented reasonable measures to secure personal data, cannot guarantee their absolute security.

Generali shall not be liable for any damages caused by the User disclosing the password and the username to third parties.


The insurance contract is concluded based on:

  • • these Terms and Conditions
  • • the offer request from the User
  • • the Generali offer sent to the User
  • • the insurance conditions specific to each insurance product, except for the insurances that are mandatory by law

Any user has the possibility to purchase an insurance from Generali using the website www.generali.ro, provided they have registered a user account on the site. The set-up of a user account (registration) can be achieved if the user creates a new account on www.generali.ro (by registering).
At any time, the user has the possibility to stop using the services electronically provided by GENERALI.

When a user creates a new account, they must specify the following: for a natural person – first name, last name, email address, and password, and for a legal person – company name, unique taxpayer reference, J, address, email, and password. The user shall not be able to create two accounts using the same email address.

An account cannot be accessed without the user activating it. In this regard, Generali shall send to the user’s provided email address an email message containing an activation link. The users shall be able to log in to their user account and access all offers and policies only by accessing this link.

At any time, the user has the possibility to correct any errors that appeared when entering the data by accessing the My Account option. The user shall have the right to change the registration information on the site www.generali.ro, by accessing the My Account & Account Data button next to each field. In order to change the email address used to create the account, the user shall use the Edit Data button. The changes shall apply only for the future; the insurance policies / contracts already concluded on the basis of the data provided by the User can only by changed under the conditions specified in the contract / policy.

The user can make an insurance premium calculation, after reading the Terms and Conditions and the agreement on the provisions of this material. Using the “Calculate” option, the user shall get the estimated price for the chosen product; the estimated price does not constitute an offer from GENERALI, and serves only as a reference. After this process, the user has the possibility to cancel the process or to continue purchasing the product using the site www.generali.ro. To proceed to the next step, the user must log in on the site – if they have already created an account on the portal (if they do not already have an account on the site). At this time, the user has ongoing access to the insurance conditions for both the chosen product and for the other products that can be purchased online.

In order to obtain an offer to conclude the insurance contract, which is final and binding, after the calculation and logging in on the portal www.generali.ro, the user shall fill in some additional information, specific to each product. The information filled in for the calculation of the premium, together with the additional information filled in after logging in, constitutes the user’s offer request. Before sending this offer request, the user must make sure that the data entered are correct, having the possibility to modify them, if errors are found.

The calculation made by the user shall be automatically saved in the user account as an insurance offer; the offer shall be valid for 10 days after being generated. If the user want to switch the offer to an insurance policy, this is possible provided that the date of departure is subsequent to the policy issuance date. In this case, the user logs in to their account, access the “Saved Offers” section, and follows the steps for issuing the policy, without the need to create a new calculation for the same product and the same insured object.

Within the offer request, the User must make statements on:

  1. Acknowledging the Terms and Conditions
  2. Acknowledging the insurance conditions of the chosen insurance in Appendix 1 – Complete Insurance Conditions
  3. Checking the completeness and correctness of the data provided to the Insurer, taking into account the provisions of Article 2.203 et seq. of the Civil Code

After receiving the offer request from the user, Generali analyses the offer request from the user and generates the insurance offer for that product. This offer, together with the insurance conditions, shall be accessed from the user account.

If the User agrees to the Generali offer, by proceeding, the User shall choose the payment method of the premium, fills in the information required for the payment and, as the case may be, delivery to the email address filled in the order form.

The insurance contract shall be effective on the date established by the parties.

The insurance policy shall be automatically generated and the client shall receive it by email together with the insurance conditions, only after its payment, and the payment confirmation by the payment processor used by the site.


  • • The user shall pay the insurance premium established by the Contract in lei.
  • • The insurance premium represents the final price paid by the user to benefit from the protection offered by the insurance contract.
  • • The user shall not pay the costs related to their use of the webpage (the payment of the Internet service provider, electricity costs, etc.). The user shall not pay any additional costs related to the conclusion of the insurance contract. The costs related to the maintenance of the website (Internet page) www.generali.ro, as well as of sending by email.


The user shall pay exclusively online, authorised by Romcard using Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro cards.

In order to make the online payment, the User is directed to the secured Internet page of the Romcard payment processor, where the transaction authorisation takes place.


Generali confirms the conclusion of the insurance contract by displaying the corresponding information displayed on the webpage after the payment has been made. The policy is effective on the date established by the contract, but not earlier than the insurance premium payment date. The information about the purchased policies is kept in the www.generali.ro application, in the user’s account (‘My Account’), My Orders & Policies History window and can be accessed by the User after logging in to this application. These are electronic documents saved in PDF format.

The Medical Insurance Policies for travelling abroad shall be transmitted only electronically to the User to the email address used to create the account.

After the insurance contract has been validly concluded and effective, the Insurance Policies will be available in the user account on www.generali.ro, from where the user can print them on paper.


In terms of the insurances that are mandatory by law, the cancellation or the renunciation by the user (as contractor or insured party) of the contract can be made only under the conditions specified in the normative acts that regulate that insurance, supplemented with the provisions of the insurance contract, if the case.

The user shall not have the right to cancel the insurance contract in case of insurance contracts for travelling abroad, once the insurance period starts, in the case of insurance policies with a duration of no more than one calendar month.

The user has the right to cancel the optional insurance contracts (except the regulated ones mentioned above), within 14 calendar days, without penalties or without justification; however, if the insurance contract started to produce its effects during the notification period, the insurance premium shall be refunded pro rata and to the extent that no insured events have occurred and/or there are no damages notified on the basis of that contract/insurance policy.

In the event of damage before the contract renunciation as stipulated in this Chapter, the insurance premiums for the period remaining until the expiration shall not be refunded.

The request for the renunciation of a contract can also be made by accessing the “REQUEST POLICY CANCELLATION” button available on the portal, in the user account, next to the policy for which the renunciation is requested. The user shall send to Generali their request and, if desired, the reasons for the renunciation, then a Generali representative shall contact the user in order to establish the method of reimbursing the paid price.

The insurance premium reimbursement term in case of cancelled insurance policies/contracts is of 30 calendar days from the receipt of the notification of user cancellation.

The mandatory home insurance cannot be cancelled after the payment of the insurance premium.
The user can cancel the insurance contract in the cases and under the conditions provided by that insurance contract.


During their navigation on the Generali site, the user has access to technical support provided by Generali, according to the work program announced on the contact page on www.generali.ro, regardless of the problem or question, in several forms:

  • email;
  • contact form;
  • Generali call-center 0372.01.02.02 (number at normal rate, from any network)


When you visit the Generali Romania website, the web server automatically registers the name of your internet service provider and the website from which you visit us. Other personal data shall only be stored if they are voluntarily provided by you, for example, in the context of a registration, survey, competition or contract performance.

The user has the following responsibilities:

  • Providing true, accurate and complete data, as required by the registration form when appropriate.
  • Maintaining and renewing, when the situation requires, the registration data to be true, accurate and complete.

More information on the protection of personal data can be found on the company’s website at: Personal Data Protection


Complaints regarding the operation of the webpage can be submitted by telephone, by calling the Call Center: 0372.01.02.02 (normal rate) by filling in the form on the webpage or by mail at Generali, Piata Charles de Gaulle nr. 15, etajele 6 si 7, sector 1, Bucharest.

The properly filled in complaint must contain at least the following data: information on the identification of the User: first and last name, email address, correspondence address, as well as the problem description the complaint refers to.

Regarding the result of the complaint’s analysis, Generali notifies the applicant without delay by means of the electronic mail to the email address provided by the User. The complaints will be analysed and will be answered within 30 days from the date of their receipt by Generali.

Any complaints related to the insurance contract can be addressed to the Insurer in the manner specified in the insurance contract.

Should the Contractor/Insured Party/Beneficiary mentioned in the insurance policy be dissatisfied with the way of conclusion, execution or termination of the insurance contract, they can formulate a petition in order to amicably resolve the situation, according to the related Procedure.


The users undertake not to do the following actions:

  • Publishing materials that contain viruses or other programs with the intention of destroying this system, as well as any system of information.
  • Publishing copyrighted materials, if he/she is not the author or if he/she does not have the permission of the author to publish that material.
  • Publishing obscene, defamatory, threatening or malicious materials towards another user, natural or legal person, materials or information prohibited by the legal provisions in force.
  • Publishing an image or statement that contravenes the applicable legal rules in force.

In case of failure to comply with these conditions, Generali Romania and its affiliates shall dissociate themselves from their author, shall delete that information and may take legal action.


All prices displayed on the website owned by Generali Romania are expressed in RON.

The payment of the products is made by card or bank transfer only in RON.

The delivery of the ordered products is made automatically to the email address indicated by the client, but only after the payment has been made. The products can only be delivered on the Romanian territory

In the case of the attempt of fraudulent use of the system of online purchases with payment using bank cards, www.generali.ro shall take all the necessary steps required by the authorised bodies and provide the data required by the authorities.

The products are classified as a service for which the terms are agreed in advance, therefore, their return is not possible, except when the policy has not become valid. In this case, the return of money is possible only with 24 hours prior to the policy becoming effective.