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Dear clients,

In order to settle a dispute with an authorized entity, governed and/or supervised by Authority of Financial Supervisory (A.S.F.), you can address also to the Entity of Alternative Dispute Resolution in financial non-banking field, established through ASF 4/2016 Regulation and reffered to as SAL-FIN.
SAL-FIN offers dispute solutions through a SAL procedure and is exclusively used within ASF, in accordance with specific, subsequent procedures you can access HERE:

The procedure for alternative dispute resolution by proposing a solution through SAL-FIN from 27.04.2016
Procedure for alternative dispute resolution by imposing a solution through SAL-FIN din 27.04.2016

The consumers can subdue SAL procedures litigation administered by SAL-FIN if they prove that, in advance, they tried to solve the dispute directly with the merchant and can choose the conciliator/conciliators from the ones registered in the specific list.

Procedures administered and organized by SAL-FIN do not bring prejudice to the provisions of Law no. 192/2006 regarding mediation and the mediator profession, Government Ordinance no. 27/2002 on petition solving activity and any person’s right to address the competent courts, as well as informing consumers about extrajudicial remedies contained in other legislation transposing EU legal acts. The consumer may resort to any of these ways of solving issues forward, without excluding each other, unless expressly provided by GO no. 38/2015.